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Look who‘s talking now!

I liked the first episode I listened to, but couldn’t keep track of the voices. I wrote to suggest bios of the hosts would be helpful and one day later BOOM there they are on the website. Unexpected personal response from Kevin was so nice. I’m ready for the next episode

This is a More Perfect Podcast

I’ve heard various incarnations of this show. They have all been good, in my opinion. I definitely enjoy the current format and hosts. It is wonderful to hear “real debate without the hate”. Real, current issues are discussed, with a good examination of various pros and cons to the different perspectives. I like the good natured kidding that occurs between the hosts, too. I know things change and people eventually move on, but this is definitely a format and team to enjoy while we have it.

Longtime fave

This has long been one of my favorite podcasts, but two things: 1. They apparently canned two of their excellent hosts, Rebekah and DJ. Doing it without any sort of announcement was disheartening. The best thing about this pod is the banter between four friends, who come to feel like our friends as we listen week to week. 2. The "Real Debate" slogan is about as silly as "Fair and Balanced" on Fox. It's 3 moderate Democrat white guys (with whom I happen to agree usually), but without Rebekah and DJ they've lost any semblance of viewpoint or gender diversity. I hope they come back.

Hanging w/buds

Seriously one of my favorite podcasts ever!!! I feel like these 4 are my buddies. They’re all so fun, and smart, and I love that they really circle an issue- showing all sides.

Great podcast! I agree f gun ownership

F the gun owners! Protecting our citizens is more important than you killing animals.

It’s sooo hard not to hate!

Great discussion of issues that truly threaten our republic!

Informative & funny

Currently my favorite podcast; great commentary, I always learn a lot, & I love the hosts. I look forward to every episode!

Smart and informative

The only political podcast I listen that includes smart representative from Conservatives. DJ changed my opinion on estate tax. Except I don’t understand why couldn’t it be only applied to farmland. But that’s the point, they discuss events with minimal political hype.

Best political podcast

I listen to the podcast every week to get the political news and to hear differing view points in a respectful conversation. This podcast is a breath of fresh air within today’s political climate!

Among the best....

Give it a listen

Great political conversation!

I appreciate the variety of viewpoints from the different hosts, and the conversation that takes place between them. I like hearing from everyone on the current issues of the week. Keep up the great work!

Great listen

Real people with different backgrounds and views. They give a voice to each side and point out flaws on each side. Most balanced political podcast out there.

Politics without smears

Even when some folks deserve to be smeared

I'd give it a 6th star

I'm an independent w/a conservative leaning. I'm socially conservative, fiscally liberal. I'm an evangelical minority. I cried when Trump was elected. Then I found this podcast. It has kept me sane. The hosts seem to genuinely RESPECT one another, and they're smart and funny and informed and NOT snarky. MPU: Please keep doing what you're doing! (I'm against exclamation marks in text, but I had to do it.) Thank you X10.

Something For Everybody

Best part about this podcast is it's a civil conversation between a group of friends of very different political beliefs.

Real Debate Without the Hate

This podcast offers a great voice once a week that recaps the last week's political events. They get into the meat of issues without confroming to bid media bias. Great show!

Laughter is the best medicine

It is so easy to get tired of anything political in light of this year's presidential campaign which is why I am so happy I heard about this podcast! Thanks to an episode of To Hell with the Hotdish I can actually hear a debate that is intelligent and funny. They have learned the art of positive discourse and I am actually enthusiastic about politics for a change.

No Arguing

I like this podcast and being able to hear different political views from educated people who do not yell or talk over each other, instead they respectfully tease each other and talk about the issues. I give only four stars because of the sound quality, it is at times really hard to listen to. Isn't our 2016 technology better than this?

Different Political leanings...kind of

Generally enjoyable and a little funny, this is a good podcast for someone who wants to just rehash the bigget stories in politics without the obnoxious yelling, fear mongering, or sensational spinning done on cable news channels. Each commentator is supposed to represent a different political viewpoint, however the lack of diversity in the actual type of people discussing really limits how diverse it actually is. A bunch of middle aged white dudes, and about 15 episodes in finally a woman (also white), and while they may range from liberal democrat to staunch conservative, the lack of diversity really leaves some serious holes in their political discussion. This doesn't destroy the podcast, but I feel the conversation would really be more comprehensive with at least one person of color to bring in political perspective or considerations that are otherwise missed by this great group.

New favorite podcast

Great writing, great personalities, and a stellar coverage of historical events in the SCOTUS that impact our nation today!

A breath of FRESH AIR!

This podcast is a great alternative to the mainstream media's uber divisiveness and polarization of politics. A great listen!

Great Discussion, well considered opinions without the usual PR

I stumbled across this podcast (as I imagine more than a few others have) by looking for NPR's "More Perfect" podcast, and I couldn't be happier. This is a group of people, working stiffs with experience in politics and media, that span a broad spectrum of opinions and outlooks. Their conversations are civil, downright friendly, and very accessible. You aren't going to agree with all of them ever, but you'll come away from each episode with some new insight, and peek into other peoples' perspectives. I have yet to be disappointed with an episode and it's one of the few podcasts where I actively watch for it to download each week! Give yourself a treat. Have a listen to the most recent entry, you won't be disappointed.

Funny, informative, smart

If you like politics, you'll love this podcast.

Entertaining political conversations here..

This is a friendly political conversation amongst a few well informed dudes. Very listenable for politically inclined audiophiles that are looking for something more casual and less angry.

Entertaining, Fun and Educational!

I felt like I was sitting with four friends at a coffee shop. Four really interesting, well-informed, funny and very smart friends. I learned quite a bit and I can’t wait for more!

Informative and funny

It was an hour of well informed opinions and information and humorous interplay. Showing that people of different political views can have still have a friendly discussion. I highly recommend it.

A Deeper Dive

The conversation goes where it wants to go without falling off topic or being held in a 20 minute slot.

Political talk that’s respectful? No way!

4 guys talking about politics from different political viewpoints and they’re not yelling at each other or calling each other names. Sounds like a winner!

Smart, Funny Political Talk

The guys come off as smart, well-informed and funny. I like how they test each other’s ideas without getting nasty or combative. Should be a radio show. A lot better than the angry partisan tripe on radio now.