The More Perfect Union podcast is a breezy weekly roundtable discussion of news, politics, entertainment, pop culture, and whatever else pops into our minds. 

The More Perfect Union: Real debate without the hate!

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About the Hosts

Kevin Kelton Profile Photo

Kevin Kelton


Kevin is a former television writer producer whose credits include Saturday Night Live, Night Court and Boy Meets World. He has worked on various political campaigns and founded the popular Facebook debate group, Open Fire Politics & Entertainment.

Greg Matusak Profile Photo

Greg Matusak


Greg is a former campaign manager of local Ohio elections with deep connections to the Ohio Democratic Party. He is also an educator, casting director, music teacher, and accompished jazz saxophonist.

Ward Anderson Profile Photo

Ward Anderson


Ward is an accomplished stand-up comedian, animator, writer, and actor. Prior to joining The MPU podcast, he was the host of The Ward and Al Show on Sirius Radio.

Joe Siart III Profile Photo

Joe Siart III

Recurring Contributor

Joe is a professional wrestling afficionado and the co-host of The Working Fans Podcast. In his spare time Joe is a gourmet chef and world-class jazz dancer. (Okay, some of that is made up to pad his bio.)

Jennifer Peterson Profile Photo

Jennifer Peterson

Recurring Contributor

Jennifer is an award-winning producer, writer, director, an alumni of the prestigious American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women program, and she is the host of the popular animal welfare podcast, "And Justice For Animals." (https://www.andjusticeforanimals.com)