Nov. 22, 2021

Past Host Blues

The MPU podcast has had eleven (11) long-term cohosts since our inception in 2015. But for some reason, listeners still ask what ever happened to this former cohost, or why can't you bring back that former cohost. Most left because they chose to or the producers (Kevin and Greg) felt they weren't right for our cast mix or our viewpoint.

One was let go because of personality issues. To protect that person's privacy, we're not at liberty to say who or why. But the reasons were sound and if you had been in our position, you'd have done the same thing. We can agree to disagree about politics, but professionals are always expected to "play nice" in the playground. Life is too short to put up with anything less.

As an example, we will share the story of William Frawley, who played the character of "Fred" on the "I Love Lucy" TV series. Better yet, read it yourself and come to your own conclusions. (Not the part about Yankees games.) William Frawley never had to be fired from "I Love Lucy" because he followed the explicit agreement he had come to with the producers to always show up in shape and behave professionally on the set. If he had not, he would have been replaced. Bad behavior need not be tolerated in the workplace, even on a TV series or podcast, no matter how smart or funny or talented the performer may be.

MSNBC survived without Keith Olbermann. Fox News survived without Bill O'Reilly. "Roseanne" even continued without Roseanne. We're not comparing those situations to ours. We're just saying that no one piece of talent is a network or a show or a podcast.

The More Perfect Union podcast has seen plenty of wonderfully talented cohosts come and go. But the show is the show. Listen or don't, like it or don't. But please stop asking us to return to the past. Ain't gonna happen.