May 26, 2021

An Ever-Evolving Podcast

An Ever-Evolving Podcast

As our loyal listeners know, The More Perfect Union podcast (aka the MPU podcast) has been chugging along for 5 years and over 300 episodes. While we like to think we've aged well, we have also undergone more than a few cast changes over our five long years. Just like a long-running television series, sometimes your favorite characters will say "adios" and new friends will arrive.

So if you miss some of our previous hosts, please understand that we are an ever-evolving project. Life is about change. The podcasting gods aren't done with us yet.

In the past few episodes we've introduced you to several fascinating woman co-hosts from all corners of the entertainment world, and we'll continue to bring on guests with diverse voices and views. No podcast can be all things to all people, but MPU will strive to keep shaking things up and earn your attention.

We hope you enjoyed meeting and learning about producer Robyn Rosenfeld (Episode 308), comedian and LGBTQ rights activist Lily Khuu (Episodes 307 & 309), comedian Emily Galati (Episodes 305 & 306), standup comic and talk show host Larry XL (Episodes 296 & 297), millennial foreign policy advocate Kayleigh Thompson (Episode 292), TV writer Sue Kolinsky (Episodes 285 & 287), Black Lives Matter activist Jeremiah Hindberg (Episode 286), and singer and MPU super-fan Sally Kuehne (Episode 290). Each brought their own unique and amusing takes to the show, and we hope to have them back.

If you think you have a unique perspective to add to our podcast, please feel free to reach out to us at to tell us about yourself and what you believe you can bring to The More Perfect Union.

We aim to please. But our target is wide.